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cant take my eyes off u yunjae



Our memories sweet memories This is what I've become and I can no longer hide it

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cant take my eyes off u yunjae
dont understand...
cant understand......
answer seems like fantasy...
reality seems fake...
whispering wind with dark aura....,
the silent remain silent..
the free being chained...
the silent talk,the silent got cursed,ur pierrot..they said!
the free moved,the free got judged,ur sellfish...they said!
among all the star at night sky,constellation shine..remains the same
same place,same shape,same bright...
the free n the silent bond
forever....that star remains the same forever....
i hate it! I want to separate it! the witch said...
i am the most powerful..he said again
the witch tried,he tried, tried and tried all method to separate constellation
he despised that pattern...
but constellation remain unchanged
the bond between constellation are strong,the confused one said
the confuse one wondered why the witch even tried..
constellation had been there together forever...
the witch can tried.., but all know,even the confuse one,that it impossible things to do...
the witch stupidity continues...
the free and the silent is mystery....
the confused one left confused...
W unchanged.

n W here isnt only means cassie....its deeper than that:)

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frustrated ngan rumor2 bodo nie...

rumours bodo is bodo.
diorg mmg xde keje da kot.
wat cite.

btol..nk jd tabloid plak
k.aina ad movie ap2 nk recommend?
bhusan lar..

sorry late~ ^^
g bwh jap td~ eheheh~

aha.. movie ek? tgk tron la.
mmbr kate best. tah r.

??? I don't get this ?_?

noting bb..
i fail.lol
the silent=hm
the free=jyj
W=cassie,dbsk bond
dark aura=bad rumor

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