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cant take my eyes off u yunjae



Our memories sweet memories This is what I've become and I can no longer hide it

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im crying ;___;
cant take my eyes off u yunjae
OMG! im crying....
god,please let them reunite soon.,
they needs each other so muchhhhh.......

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I am sure they are doing fine. Why are you worried? I am here if you need someone to yalk to.

LMAO. NV. I just saw the video, boy, fans are scary D,:

its scary right?
im almost cry watching how jae look helpless there
squish like that,even bodyguard arent helping..
he just needs bodyguard HO.everything would be fine then:)

Bodyguard YunYun was the best D,: Don't cry, hon :) Though he did look a bit scared there.

yunho ish jae's best bodyguard ever!! w/o him, jae looked soo insecured T____T! (man, fangirls sure r scary ^^! they pushed all their way just so they can touch him ^^)

yup!jae own personal bodyguard HO is the best^^
im sure jae agreed wif us:))

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